Fit.Meals.Prep “This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle”


Global Fight Talk (GFT) is thrilled to announce our partnership with FitMealsPrep! Lisa Lozano from GFT sat down with FitMealsPrep for extra insight on what they are doing so special that is propelling both fighters and everyday people towards a variety of short and long-term goals.

FitMealsPrep owners Brandy Moreno and Bryan Tienda were very stern saying, “This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle”. Moreno created FitMealsPrep nearly 9 years ago while studying overseas where she focused on “The biology of food and cancer.” Her studies equipped her with expertise about the effects of clean eating and how the right meals eliminate certain toxins from the body. She then began working with doctors and weight loss clinics sharpening her knowledge even further. Shortly after that, she created what we now know as FitMealsPrep. Roughly 7 years later, the couple began dating at a pivotal time in Bryan Tienda’s life, “I was laid off during the beginning of our relationship.” he explained. They began working together and Tienda eventually made an investment that opened up their store in Fort Worth, Texas. They have been nothing short of a power couple since.

From a desk job worker who doesn’t have the time to workout, to a professional athlete at the highest level, and everyone in between; FitMealsPrep has something for you. Losing weight is only the tip of the iceberg.  FitMealsPrep focuses on eating healthy and optimizing your body and its performance. “We stay with them through the journey.” Moreno added. If your body begans to plateau weeks into the program, Moreno will adjust your diet to ensure continual progression towards your goals.

Their genuine passion for success and fitness has paid off for them, and their clients alike. UFC fighters Steven Peterson (17-7), Geoff Neal (11-2), Macy Chiasson (3-0), and Rashad Coulter (9-4) are among the professional fighters that can attest to Moreno and Tienda’s brilliance. Moreno told Lisa simply, “My main goal is for people to start educating themselves and really researching what they are putting into their bodies”. She also added that her vision for Tienda is for him to be “the chef of the athletes”.

As far as convenience goes, they offer online ordering and delivery for those too busy and/or too far away from the store. They also provide a consultation with Moreno and Tienda personally, where you discuss your goals and are educated by these experts. There is no excuse; if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and want to change your life, visit, @fitmealsprep via instagram, or the store at 8653 N. Beach Street Suite 215, Fort Worth, TX 76244. They can also be reached at

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