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Global Fight Talk was founded in 2016 and wanted to create a team of former and current fighters and fight fans with a passion for the fight game. Global Fight Talk covers MMA, boxing, and other combat sports. We strive to provide objective, non-biased coverage to bridge the gap between fight fans and their favorite promotions while following professional journalism ethics.

Meet the team

Lisa Marie Coulter

Founder & Owner

Lisa is a former professional boxer that fought for 12 years and also fought as an amateur kickboxer for 3 years.  She is also a previous MMA gym owner.  Not only does she have the experience in the ring, but she’s also taught boxing to the many athletes in the DFW area.  She wanted to take her ring experience after she retired to interview fighters from a fighter’s point of view.


Writer & Co-Owner

Sav is a sports journalist from Dallas, TX with an associate of science degree from Howard Community College, a Bachelors’s degree in Mass Media and Communications with a public relations concentration, and an English minor. He’s a huge fight fan with a passion for writing and interacting with members of the fight community.


Sav Maddox Global Fight Talk
Dallas Owens

Dallas Owens


Dallas Owens is a fight fan, boxing writer, songwriter, carpenter, and homesteader raised in rural west Texas. Though most of his adult life was spent traveling and playing music, he has now settled south of San Angelo, Tx, where he and his wife tend to their many plants and animals. He has a passion for boxing and its history, as well as a great appreciation for the real-life stories and poetry therein


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