VIDEO: “I’m Making ESPN Top 10 This Weekend” – Anthony Pettis Ahead of PFL Debut

“I’m making sure I make that top 10 ESPN or Worldstar – I’m getting on SOMETHING this weekend”

Anthony Pettis promised fireworks this weekend, April 23rd, when he makes his PFL debut against Clay Collard

Pettis (24-10 11KO) signed to the PFL in December of 2020 after a legendary UFC career. With 16 victories and two UFC Lightweight Championships (includes WEC), Pettis established himself as one of the greatest fighters in the history of the organization

Now, Pettis has the opportunity to take over another organization, the PFL. He relishes the opportunity to rise to the top of one of the top three organizations in MMA

“I have the opportunity to become a three-organization champion,” he said. “And it could be done in a year so; I’m very excited about the opportunity that’s in front of me.”

Pettis also spoke about his relationship with the UFC since his departure. He expressed his gratitude for the organization and assured everyone that there was no bad blood.

“Me and Dana [white] are cool,” he said. “I grew up under that organization. I was on a Wheates box with that company and I’ve been all over the place. I think it’s a mutual respect.”

Anthony Pettis’ opponent, Clay Collard (18-8 10KO), is making his return to MMA after competing in 15 bouts in boxing. Pettis, along with the other PFL Lightweights, are competing in the 2021 season for the PFL Lightweight Championship along with a $1,000,000 prize.

Pettis also said that, should he win this season, he would return to Welterweight for the 2022 season

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