BREAKING: Chad Ochocinco’s Opponent for Upcoming Boxing Match ANNOUNCED!

Source: Andy Lyons, Getty Images
Source: Andy Lyons, Getty Images

Per BKFC, former NFL Pro-bowl Reciever Chad Ochocinco will box Bare Knuckle FC fighter Brian Maxwell on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul, June 6th

Months ago, it was announced that Ochocinco would be making his professional debut in boxing, but the sports world speculated what kind of opponent they would find for him


His opponent, Brian Maxwell, is a Bare Knuckle FC fighter with a less-than-impressive record

According to Tapology, Maxwell holds an MMA record of 2-3 (zero knockouts), a 0-1 record in professional boxing, and a 0-3 record in Bare Knuckle Boxing

Ochocinco was asked about his reasoning behind entering the boxing world, on Twitter, and his response raised more questions than answers. "A million dollars," he said.

The fight will be streamed on Fanmio (Pay-per-view), June 6th, on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Youtuber Logan Paul (another bout that will make you scratch your head)

Since Logan Paul's bout with another Youtuber, more and more celebrities have decided to enter the ring

Fight fans speculate whether this is good for the sport and most of them say no. I, personally, am indifferent about it because there are hundreds involved and they're all making money. One thing is for certain, though, these celebrities should be very careful entering the ring. I'm sure Nate Robinson will attest to that. 

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