Tristan Kalkreuth Defeats Jonathan Rice in Texas Heavyweight Showdown

Tristan Kalkreuth defeats Jonathan Rice

On the undercard of William Zepeda vs Jaime Arboleda, 21-year-old Heavyweight Tristan Kalkreuth from Duncanville defeated Cleburne, Texas’ Jonathan Rice.

Early in the first round, Kalkreuth started the round off displaying his new-found patience and shelling up to avoid damage. Towards the middle of the round, he began sticking his jab and incorporating some well-placed left hooks upstairs and downstairs, wearing his opponent out. 

In the second round, Kalkreuth began defensive again and but Rice found some openings, causing some redness on the face of Kalkreuth. Rice stalked his opponent and took every opening presented to him.

In round three, Rice continued to apply pressure but Kalkreuth began slowing his pressure down with a well-placed jab. At in the middle of the round, Rice seemed to decide to invest in the body and use it to create openings upstairs. 

In the fourth and fifth rounds, Rice and Kalkreuth showed they belonged in the ring together. Kalkreuth continued to move and invest in body shots, while Rice continued to press and find openings, landing a powerful uppercut towards the end of the round. Just when one fighter looked like their tank was empty, they would find an opening and prove that to be untrue. 

In the sixth round, the two traded for the majority of the round. Big right hands from each, Kalkreuth landing more efficiently and a higher percentage of body shots. Rice and Kalkreuth left it all in the ring, swinging until the last second. 

Following the final bell, Kalkreuth was announced as the winner by unanimous decision. “I need my feet in the first couple rounds,” Kalkreuth said. “After the first round of using my feet, his body was looking at me. I listened to my corner and I took the shot and I really hurt him. I almost put him out, and I wish I did.”

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