Pacquiao scores unanimous decison win over Broner

Leading up to this fight, Cincinnati Ohio’s Adrien Broner looked to capture the interest of fight fans around the world with his controversial and vulgar diction. He constantly disrespected the 40 year-old legend Pacquiao, and promised a dominant performance whenever the chance was presented to him.

He successfully gathered the attention of fight fans (and sports fans in general), but the 29 year-old failed to deliver the dominant performance he so confidently promised. “Pacamn” controlled the fight nearly from bell-to-bell using excellent hand speed, brilliant angles, and the volume of punches he’s notorious for in the fight world. “AB” struggled to capitalize on his 2-inch reach advantage and seemed gun-shy for the majority of the fight. Pacquiao seemly scored at will and hurt Broner multiple times earning a clear unanimous decision and retaining his WBA championship.

Following the fight, Pacquio humbly thanked his God and the promoters then announced that he would be open to a rematch with Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Broner was interviewed immediately ensuing Pacquio but was much less than humble. After losing the second of his last 3 fights (The other being a draw) Broner voiced his disapproval of the judges decision, saying “I beat that boy!” among other vulgar and inappropriate statements. He’ll have to return to the drawing board and look to turn his career back to a positive direction, while Pacquio will continue to attempt prove “My career is not over.”

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