BREAKING: Images of deleted Conor McGregor tweet appear to threaten the lives of Dustin Poirier and his DAUGHTER

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UFC Superstar Conor McGregor appears to be taking his rivalry too far as images of deleted tweets Monday night and Tuesday morning show him threatening the lives of Dustin Poirer & his family

The images also show Conor giving a backhanded apology and, once again, accusing Dustin Poirier's wife of sending him a direct message on Instagram

McGregor lost his rematch with Poirier after suffering a broken lower tibia caused by a kick he threw to the thigh of Poirier


After the bout, McGregor immediately began campaigning for a third rematch, threatening the life of Poirier and his family, and accusing his wife of sending him an Instagram message

Conor McGregor's record fell to (22-6) while Poirier's record climbed to (28-6)

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