Janibek Alimkhanuly vs Vincenzo Gualtieri Top Rank Preview – Dallas Owens

SAT. 9:30pm cst, ESPN The Fort Bend Community Center in Rosenburg, Tx will host a middleweight unification bout between WBC champion Janibek “Qasaq style” Alimkhanuly(14-0, 9kos) and Vincenzo “Il Capo ” Gualtieri(21-0-1, 7kos), who holds the IBF belt.

Gualtieri has had the shorter reign of the two, having acquired the vacant belt against Esquiva Falcao Florintino in July of this year in his home country of Germany. This will be his first venture into competing in the United States. Kazakhstan native, Alimkhanuly, won the interim WBC title in May of 2022, and was promoted to full WBC world champion in August that same year when Demetrius Andrade officially vacated the title.
On the surface, this match-up appears to favor the Kazakh. Going by name recognition alone, at least hardcore boxing fans know Janibek. He’s well-rounded, heavy-handed, and can, without a doubt, box.
On Gualtieri, rarely does the boxer that has never left their country of origin travel abroad for the first time and beat the champion they face. Rarely being the key word. As in, it can happen. Vincenzo’s style isn’t one you would typically expect of a German boxer, it’s much flashier. He has a forward-leaning stance and keeps his hands low, relying mostly on head and feet movement to avoid his opponent’s offense. When it comes to his own, he punches in bunches from all angles, and with odd timing. When you put all of that together, one could see how it might be befuddling to a person, or throw even a well-rounded champion boxer off of his own game. However, with 7 knockouts in 22 fights, the question remains as to whether he can gain the respect of Janibek, and give himself the room he needs to work. Regardless of how you slice it, two champions, dead set on unification, is going to be worth a watch.

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Dallas Owens

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