Wiliam Zepeda Defeats Jaime Arboleda In Short Order: Recap and Results

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The DAZN/Golden Boy card in Arlington, Tx did not disappoint. In the main event unbeaten lightweight William “el Camaron” Zepeda(now 28-0) made quick work of Panamanian native Jaime Arboleda(19-3). Arboleda tried to stay busy and maintain his preferred range by pumping the jab from the moment the first bell rang. In theory it was a good gameplan. In practice Zepeda was unbothered. Inching ever closer and then unleashing hellacious body shots. It was apparent after the first half of round one that Zepeda was on his game and ready to get out of there early. Every punch had weight behind it. Jaime wasn’t going to give up that easy, and though it was apparent the cards were stacked against him he was able to withstand the onslaught and land a couple powerful counter right-hands at the end of the first round that would help to bolster his confidence for the second.

The confidence of Arboleda was immaterial as far as Zepeda was concerned. El Camaron only increased his output. The first knockdown was to the body and at that point the damage had been done. Arboleda was able to continue, but Zepeda knew that the pain of a liver shot doesn’t just go away. Like a shark smelling blood, Zepeda was on the attack. Being an intelligent fighter, Zepeda kept the body attack going, only placing punches to the head so as to make space for more body shots. Arboleda was down again less than a minute after the first knockdown. Though most men would have stayed down at that point Arboleda, knowing himself how much damage was done to him previously, got up and began to swing in the hopes that he could land something, anything, to give himself a little room to breath. It was for naught as he was again dropped by yet another liver shot, this time falling forward onto his face. It was over. Zepeda, with 3 knockdown in the second round, scored his 24th knockout in his career. The fight was short but entertaining, at least to anyone not named Jaime Arboleda.

The Co-main event between Diego De La Hoya and Victor Morales jr didn’t take any more time than the headliners. Though round one was competitive with both fighters boxing cleverly and utilizing their respective strengths, round 2 was less so. Morales landed a left hook by the time the first second had passed. From there Morales continued to land, refusing to let De La Hoya clinch. Before a minute had passed Victor Morales jr had bloodied De La Hoya and dropped him with another left. It appeared as though Diego knew he was in trouble when he got up and proceeded to engage in a firefight with Morales. Though the final effort was valiant, yet another left from Morales sent De La Hoya onto the canvas. As he began to right himself all balance and strength had forsaken him. The count made it to 10 thus bringing an end to this short-lived battle.



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